Manchester Metropolitan University

31 July –3 August 2018

International Gothic Association 2018

Ever since Horace Walpole in the Castle of Otranto (1765) sough to enrich the modern novel with the imaginative capacities of the ancient romance, the Gothic has been something of a hybrid mode, combining fact and fancy and indiscriminately borrowing from other genres and forms in the telling of it’s dark yet revelatory tales. Perhaps there is no better occasion on which to reflect upon this aspect of the Gothic than the year 2018, the bicentenary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818): a piecemeal construction of the divergent parts, the body of the monstrous creature, like Shelley’s fiction itself, might serve as a metaphor for the hybridity of the Gothic more generally.

The Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies invites the submission of abstracts that creatively interpret and respond to the theme of Gothic Hybridities: Interdisciplinary, Multi-modal and Transhistorical Approaches. Papers might explore the ways in which the Gothic mode has entered into conceptual and thematic dialogue with other forms of representation in time, or address the role that the Gothic has played in fostering exchange across different media and disciplinary boundaries.


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