Manchester Metropolitan University

7 June –8 June 2017

6th International Fibre Recycling Symposium

Over 250 million tonnes of controlled waste is generated in UK every year. About 10% or 25 million tonnes of this waste are in plastic and/or fibrous form which is mostly destined for landfills. Much of this potentially “valuable” waste could be reused or reprocessed and fed back into production and re-fabrication if appropriate means of recycling, reprocessing and regenerations are in place. Although UK has recently been more active in recycling initiatives, much more needs to be done if pressing environmental issues regarding waste are to be taken seriously and responsibly.

The objective of this international Symposium to provide a dynamic forum for exchange of ideas, exploring latest research findings and to generate international cooperation and dialogue in fibre recycling area and more importantly engage industry in taking a lead in exploiting emerging technologies.

Topics of Focus
• Natural and synthetic fibre recycling
• Carpet recycling
• Reuse of fibrous waste in new applications
• Clean processing techniques and machineries
• Environmental impacts and possible solutions
• Role of design and fashion in recycling
• Pre-and-post consumer waste processing
• Consumer behaviour affecting discarded textiles
• Circular economy case studies
• Future trends and innovations

Who Should Attend?
This is an opportunity for academics, manufacturers and industrialists who are aware of the menace of waste and appreciate the consequences of inaction on the quality of life we all cherish. The opportunity of exchanging ideas and introducing novel and innovative technologies is also expected to be beneficial to all who are decision makers, environmentalists and those who produce the waste in the first place and/or those who are responsible for its collection. All in all, the event will pave the way for interdisciplinary collaboration and cooperation at national and international levels.

Call for Papers
Short abstracts should be submitted using EasyChair as soon as possible but no later than 24th March 2017. You will need to create a user account on the EasyChair site if you do not already have one. Once approved, as a full paper or a poster, the authors will be asked to submit manuscript for the proceedings.  For further details and instructions for submitting full papers and posters, please download the Abstract/Paper/Poster Guidelines.

Registration Fees
Registration fees for all attendees are shown below:

Symposium Packages Rate Closing Date
Delegate Full Symposium Package £300 21/05/2017
Speaker-Full Symposium £250 21/05/2017
Delegate core session only £165 21/05/2017
Day Rate £160 21/05/2017
Student/Staff Day Rate £80 21/05/2017
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